It’s Live!

The first book in the Hometown Love series just went live on Amazon – I’m so excited. It just never gets old and is always so thrilling! Free on KU!

The mess in my back yard!

When we moved into this house, there were a couple drawbacks to it. One, the tiny galley kitchen I dislike to this day. The other was the tower in the back yard. There is a huge big electrical transformer back there, though after a decade or so, I really didn’t even see it anymore.

It is just there, but won’t be for long. They are tearing it down and putting up new, better, improved towers. The new tower will have one large foot, instead of four small ones. Okay, whatever. I have had workers in my back yard off and on for a year now which is very annoying since I also have a lot of little dogs, plus do boarding. They tore down my big privacy fence and moved all their stuff into my yard. I have mud for miles, ruts and the guys are so bundled up, I don’t even get any eye candy!

As you can imagine the dogs aren’t happy with all the commotion. They are used to having a nice quiet house, where mommy sits on her butt and writes all day, while they go in and out to the fenced yard, play a while, and come back in to chill on the couch or on my feet. We like our nice quiet life.

Hopefully we will have it back again soon.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on the next book series – Hometown Love. The first one, Don’t Mess with Jess should be out tomorrow! I can’t wait! Book two – Hannah and Hawk , and three, Totally Tori, have been accepted also, while book four Kelly’s Haven – working title, they might change it, is still waiting to be seen. Book five – Emmy’s book is in the planning stages. Emmy is so cute and so clueless, unlike Kelly who is jaded, Tori who is seeking herself, Hannah who is coming to grips with her past, and Jess, who as you can imagine, no one messes with. Till she and Mac butt heads. She’s not going to like how he solves their issues – or is she?

Out tomorrow ! I’ll send a link when it goes live!

Wish me luck on the back yard. It will get worse before it gets better, I imagine.


Do you have a hobby that you love to do? I have such talented friends. One makes quilts that are amazing. Another bakes well enough to support herself, so I guess that really isn’t a hobby. My sister reads vampire porn and is very sad I haven’t written any yet. I just can’t get into vampires, they are all cold and have nasty eyes. You know, on tv, so it has to be true. Another does Zumba. I mean, seriously? What’s with that? One plays pool, which, I think is too cool. Another friend builds big doll houses and then decorates them. I’m always awed. I have a couple friends who go on cruises. You ever been? I haven’t. One colors and keeps trying to get me to try it.

It just isn’t working out for me.

What I do like to do – read, brush my dogs, read, can the stuff from my garden, read. Play with the puppies, and hang out at home while reading. Go to bed early and read. Listening to old musicals on tv while I’m doing those things are a plus. My life isn’t exciting, but I enjoy it.

What is your favorite down time activity?

McIntyre, Illinois * Hometown Love

I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois and that area is still one of my favorite places. I love the flat land and the black dirt, the friendly people who will do anything for you, and yeah, even the tractor parades (when you all get stuck behind a tractor taking up the entire road).

So when I ‘find’ a town for my people, I often like to settle them into a similar kind of place. McIntyre is one of those towns. Couple hours from the Shawnee National Forest, flat land and just nice wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. The name of the new series is Hometown Love and believe me, everyone gets right down to the business of love. Some have lived there all their lives, like Jessie from my first book. She has to leave to help care for her best friend’s baby, and all she wants is to get back home. On her own terms. After all, You Don’t Mess with Jess. Coming Oct 29th.

Then there is Hannah. She didn’t grow up in McIntyre but she and her brother bought a hardware store there, after the one they grew up in had to be sold. As anyone who watches television knows, once you buy a house to move into, you just have to renovate it, and in comes Derrick Hawk with his handy tool belt. A little older, a little stern and just what she needs to make the town her home. Will be released Nov. 22nd.

Then the third one is Totally Tori, and while she’s always lived in McIntyre, she isn’t happy with her life and needs something more, and not just the man she’s been talking to on line for the past months. She can’t figure out what though.

Kelly and Ryan have almost told their story to me, but I don’t have a title yet for it. Soon, I hope. Then I’m looking at Emmy, Marnie, Gwen and Bronwyn. McIntyre is a busy town! I hope you will love this series as much as I am!

JJ enjoying the sunshine while I work in the garden.

Books and Things

First real post! I’m excited about this. I do have another blog – that you are welcome to go see. Lots of cute puppy pictures over there, and realistically, this one and that one will overlap, some, but that’s okay!

Little bit about me. When I was little, my grandma caught me crying over a book and asked what was wrong. I said, “so many words and I can’t read any of them.” Because she was a teacher, she taught me to read when I was three and I haven’t stopped since. I was the kid in trouble in school for hiding books in my text books and walking down the hall reading. They could see me, there was no reason to bump into me. I still stay up late at night reading and will be sharing my favorite authors here too.

I wrote, literally, dozens of books before my first one was published and I swear, that was as exciting as when my kids were born – but didn’t hurt as much. Mostly.

My publisher just made Her Choice, Always, and the ones that followed into a collection – I like to write books in a series. Once I get hold of people, I don’t like to let them go. I love to read a series and love to write them!

In other things, other than writing, I spend my days with my dogs, I am an avid gardener, can my produce, bake bread and other things, and be with family.

Here are a few of my adorable babies:

Baby Mabel

Aren’t they adorable? I’m in love.

Enough about me for today! Welcome again, I’m glad you are here! Megan