The mess in my back yard!

When we moved into this house, there were a couple drawbacks to it. One, the tiny galley kitchen I dislike to this day. The other was the tower in the back yard. There is a huge big electrical transformer back there, though after a decade or so, I really didn’t even see it anymore.

It is just there, but won’t be for long. They are tearing it down and putting up new, better, improved towers. The new tower will have one large foot, instead of four small ones. Okay, whatever. I have had workers in my back yard off and on for a year now which is very annoying since I also have a lot of little dogs, plus do boarding. They tore down my big privacy fence and moved all their stuff into my yard. I have mud for miles, ruts and the guys are so bundled up, I don’t even get any eye candy!

As you can imagine the dogs aren’t happy with all the commotion. They are used to having a nice quiet house, where mommy sits on her butt and writes all day, while they go in and out to the fenced yard, play a while, and come back in to chill on the couch or on my feet. We like our nice quiet life.

Hopefully we will have it back again soon.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on the next book series – Hometown Love. The first one, Don’t Mess with Jess should be out tomorrow! I can’t wait! Book two – Hannah and Hawk , and three, Totally Tori, have been accepted also, while book four Kelly’s Haven – working title, they might change it, is still waiting to be seen. Book five – Emmy’s book is in the planning stages. Emmy is so cute and so clueless, unlike Kelly who is jaded, Tori who is seeking herself, Hannah who is coming to grips with her past, and Jess, who as you can imagine, no one messes with. Till she and Mac butt heads. She’s not going to like how he solves their issues – or is she?

Out tomorrow ! I’ll send a link when it goes live!

Wish me luck on the back yard. It will get worse before it gets better, I imagine.

Author: meganm

Writer, dreamer, boot wearing country girl, dog lover, gardener.