Do you have a hobby that you love to do? I have such talented friends. One makes quilts that are amazing. Another bakes well enough to support herself, so I guess that really isn’t a hobby. My sister reads vampire porn and is very sad I haven’t written any yet. I just can’t get into vampires, they are all cold and have nasty eyes. You know, on tv, so it has to be true. Another does Zumba. I mean, seriously? What’s with that? One plays pool, which, I think is too cool. Another friend builds big doll houses and then decorates them. I’m always awed. I have a couple friends who go on cruises. You ever been? I haven’t. One colors and keeps trying to get me to try it.

It just isn’t working out for me.

What I do like to do – read, brush my dogs, read, can the stuff from my garden, read. Play with the puppies, and hang out at home while reading. Go to bed early and read. Listening to old musicals on tv while I’m doing those things are a plus. My life isn’t exciting, but I enjoy it.

What is your favorite down time activity?

Author: meganm

Writer, dreamer, boot wearing country girl, dog lover, gardener.