Throw Back Thursday!

I like to write summer books, though I’ve written a few winter and Christmas books. In fact, I’ve an entire series set in a place called Blizzard,South Dakota. I guess snow and winter isn’t so bad if you are just writing about them and not shoveling and shivering.

I like summer. Warm weather, sunny skies, open windows, writing on the patio with the dogs at my feet. It is not warm here this week! We got our second measurable snow already!

Madelyn is not a fan!

I have three brothers with houses in Florida and one in Arizona. You know, the smart siblings. And I sit here and shiver with my dogs, writing my stories and keeping the heater cranked up to high. Because apparently I got the short end of the brain stick.

It will be spring soon – and no, I won’t be complaining about the heat. I’ll be happily playing in my gardens while giving a shiver of remembrance for winter past occasionally.

Oh, yes -things past. Some of my first books were re released as a collection not too long ago.

Free on KU right now!

I miss those people sometimes. I might have to send someone to the Lyon’s Ranch for a little R&R soon so I can catch up and see what is going on with them all. Is that weird? I guess that might be a writer thing, who knows.

Party Time!

Today there is an on line party hosted by my publisher, Blushing Books! Join us on Facebook for the fun, give aways and authors hanging out.

It starts at one Eastern time, today, Wed. Nov. 6th. Which means noon here in my middle of the country, ‘the only real time’ Central time. My slot is at 12:45 my time – one forty five their time and someone please tell me that is all the math I have to do today! Pretty please? I’ll be there and I have hours yet before I have to figure out what I’m doing. Whew! Hopefully, something will pop in my brain, but then I’ve already mathed today, so who knows? No one wants to see me fall on my face, right? Maybe the dogs. They like it when I hang out on the floor.

Come on down, Mom, sun feels great!

I’ll be talking about my new series, Hometown Love and then hanging out to see how the professionals do things! Hope to see you there!

Get it now! (Please?)


November has started with a bang….or something like that. I’ve been sick for a few days, and the kid is down with it now. The dogs, however, are just fine, though rather annoyed by the people in the back yard, still messing things up.

Who knows what they are doing?

There are at least 6 trucks and a dozen people back there. The dogs and I are hunkering down.

On the brighter side – look!

Don’t you love it??

I kinda do, but I might be a little biased. The next book in the Hometown Love series will be out the 22nd. Hannah and Hawk! I’ll be chatting more about them later on.

But for now….

There they are!
Cute puppy pictures, just because I can.