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First real post! I’m excited about this. I do have another blog – that you are welcome to go see. Lots of cute puppy pictures over there, and realistically, this one and that one will overlap, some, but that’s okay!

Little bit about me. When I was little, my grandma caught me crying over a book and asked what was wrong. I said, “so many words and I can’t read any of them.” Because she was a teacher, she taught me to read when I was three and I haven’t stopped since. I was the kid in trouble in school for hiding books in my text books and walking down the hall reading. They could see me, there was no reason to bump into me. I still stay up late at night reading and will be sharing my favorite authors here too.

I wrote, literally, dozens of books before my first one was published and I swear, that was as exciting as when my kids were born – but didn’t hurt as much. Mostly.

My publisher just made Her Choice, Always, and the ones that followed into a collection – I like to write books in a series. Once I get hold of people, I don’t like to let them go. I love to read a series and love to write them!

In other things, other than writing, I spend my days with my dogs, I am an avid gardener, can my produce, bake bread and other things, and be with family.

Here are a few of my adorable babies:

Baby Mabel

Aren’t they adorable? I’m in love.

Enough about me for today! Welcome again, I’m glad you are here! Megan

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