Welcome to my website!   Here you will find out when the new books are coming out, snippets and some playtime!

Writing is one of my passions.  If I’m not writing, something feels wrong in the day.  So I just do it.  Who wants to be wrong?  Oh, yeah, my heroines.    They rather enjoy being wrong and then firmly corrected by their very own strong, alpha male.  It just makes everyone purr happily.   We like purring.

When I’m not writing, I raise dogs, run after kids, garden when its warm, ride my bike around the neighborhood, and hang out on dating sites to look for my own alpha male (know any?  I’m not having much luck….tall, great sense of humor,  decent lap and a good paddling arm would be quite perfect. I don’t want much!).

Want to see my cute puppies?  LongRoadKennel.com   Come visit  me there, too!