I’ve been dreaming of being an author for years.  I wrote a whole slew of multi rejected books when my kids were younger, but between jobs and kids and life, book writing got away from me for a while.   Yes, I wrote other things, articles, blogged, etc, but I finally got book published in 2016.

My first book was released end of Jan this year.  I screamed for days when I heard it got accepted and honestly, I still do when I get another acceptance, just a little more quietly.    Oh and it looks like this one is 99 cents on Amazon now!


Her Choice, Always (A "Her Choice" Story) by [McCoy, Megan]

The last one of the year came out end of Nov.


And there were six other ones in between.   Seriously.   Did I do anything else this year?  Well, actually, I have another full time job, that I’m trying to cut way back on for next year.   Plus the best kids and family ever I try to throw a little attention at occasionally.

I’m working on a new series for 2017 and some new goals and hopefully some more fun.

Have you set your 2017 goals yet?  Plan to?  What’s on your list?  Will be sharing my writing goals here in the next few weeks.  It will be interesting to see how far we all get!  I’m ready for the new year!