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Holidays are coming upon us!   There is -nothing- I love more than having all the family I can gather home for the holidays.   I love cooking big meals, loving hearing the kids play, having a crowded holiday table full of people I love.

All the puppies from the last litter should be at their home by then,  hopefully getting a bite or two of turkey from the meal and sitting on someone’s lap or under someone’s feet.  Oh, come on, you know you want to spoil them!  Why have a puppy if you can’t spoil it?  What’s the point?

I’m hoping to concentrate on my writing after they all go home mid month.   Well, writing, and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas about two weeks earlier than you all will be because most of the family is off that day ….  Since I’m nuts about fall decor, its going to be a fast flip to Christmas decorations and tree up  this year.

But oh well.    What else am I doing? Oh yeah, writing a Christmas story, due in ten days.  NO I’M FINE!   (was that convincing?   Hope so!)   And then have a brand new series coming soon.  Oh, and the house and dogs and kids and…deep breath.

If you’ve not seen my work – check it out, please!   Pretty please?  Sugar on top?

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  1. Is that a picture of your puppy? Very cute either way.

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