March is coming in like a half grown lion today – windy, chilly, rainy!

Been working on my website since o’dark thirty this morning.   Don’t you love it?  What?  You don’t see any difference?   Where were you six themes ago?   Oh well….  I like it, and that’s what matters, right?

Am in the middle of Her Choice, Forever – should be done in a couple weeks.  Want to know what Holly and Eric are up to? Into?   Oh yeah….then there is Eric’s  sister, Liz who seems to be figuring out that a hot cowboy might have a hard hand.  Nothing wrong with that! I’m starting to think a hot cowboy is not just going to magically show up in my  kitchen.  Some people – like Liz – have all the luck!

Right now, I’m waiting on the edits and the cover for  Hard Wired Desires.    Coming to Amazon soon!     Will keep you updated!