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Month: February 2016

Almost Spring!

Spring is coming – I can tell by the amount of muddy pawprints on my floors! Snow is almost melted and I received confirmation my seed order has shipped.  Happy sigh of contentment here.

March is going to be a great month.   My next book, Hard Wired Desires, will be out the 22nd.   I’ve a follow up to Her Choice, Always, tentatively titled, Her Choice, Forever that will hopefully be out in a few months.   You know, once I finish it and once the publisher decides its readable.


This website should be up and running.  I’ll be doing a few blog hops.   I’ve a puppy litter going to forever homes, and oh, did I mention spring is coming?  Now, if the powers that be would just put a few more hours in my day, life would be just perfect!

Her Choice, Always

My first book out -now on Amazon!


First post

Need to figure out how to get this laid out.

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